Debbie Cornell



Debbie Cornell

executive producer

Debbie Cornell is the Executive Producer and one of the owners of Rocket Films Africa, based in Cape Town, South Africa and the new Rocket Films Middle East.

1980: she moved into production on TV shows and feature films.


Debbie started her career in the wardrobe department of the groundbreaking Market Theatre in Johannesburg in the late 1970’s. In the 1980’s she moved into production on TV shows and feature films.

After a spell of working as a producer for international news agencies during the political turmoil leading up to South Africa’s first free election, Debbie was involved in the boom of service work as South Africa’s market was opened up to international commercial productions post 1994. During this time, Debbie freelanced with some of South Africa’s best service & production companies, and was privileged to work with many top directors, production companies and agencies from all around the globe.

In 2002, Debbie opened Rocket, where she continued to focus on her regular clients in her own inimitable style. Her goal has always been to maintain an ethical, focused and professional production company where intelligent and solutions driven service provides an environment and product to satisfy every client. The success of Rocket Films over the past 18 years is testament to Debbie’s commitment and dedication to this ethos. Many of her client’s have been with her since the start and she has grown Rocket client base through word of mouth and her sparkling reputation.

Over her long career, Debbie has worked in most media – from News to Feature films, Television to Stills, documentaries, reality shows and hundreds of TVC shoots. Aware that media is a fast changing and dynamic world, and that diversity is essential, she is excited to be launching Rocket into new territories and Rocket is currently exploring collaborations in long form and post production projects which will be announced soon.

She was recently elected the Chair of Makhasa Winner’s League F.C. A community upliftment program that Rocket has been supporting since its’ inception in 2009. This project defies the harsh life that it was borne out of and has seen more that 600 boys become men with skills and discipline since its start.

Debbie’s maxim- work hard and clever, have fun and be kind to people and the planet.

Ty Keogh


With over 20 years experience, working between South Africa, the US and UK, Ty Keogh has honed his craft as a producer for Rocket Films.

He brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and creativity


His astute understanding of client facilitation, coupled with key operational experience allows him to manage campaigns from the ‘ground up’ to the boardroom.

He brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and creativity to Rocket team, with a focus on developing original content and expanding Rocket’s full production offering into new territories.

Clodagh Quinlan


Clodagh Quinlan is a Producer representing Rocket Films in Dubai. With over 15 years’ experience spanning the Middle East & Africa; Clodagh Quinlan’s dedication and professionalism in production have led to the successful completion of over 100 TVCs, documentaries and creative projects.

Her integrity and proven dedication to every client is at 100% from start to finish


Clodagh’s career started off in Talent Management, where she gained 6 years’ experience. She transferred her strengths in organizational & people management to production in 2007, where she quickly established herself as an indomitable asset to any team. Since then she has headed up entire productions, managed complex budgets and worked with award winning directors.

Clodagh’s creativity and passion for film making can be seen in her ability to delegate and deliver safe and streamlined environments that have played a key role in the successful completion of numerous productions with brands such as Nespresso, Toyota, McDonalds, Samsung, BMW & Peugeot.


Her love of all aspects of her work have led to her involvement in all facets of the production lifecycle. Clodagh has an established background in dealing directly with international & eminent names in the industry and her interpersonal strengths have made her adept at delivering high quality results to her clients. Along with her significant history as a producer, Clodagh’s versatility can be seen in her experience in post-production, sourcing and managing talent and VFX.


Her professionalism and unparalleled work ethic have left their mark on every pursuit she has undertaken. Her integrity and proven dedication to every client is at 100% from start to finish and has resulted in making every production she has worked on a success.